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Designed by kids, for kids

Create photo gifts, projects & journals or stock up on personalised learning supplies all in one place. And let the kids design them themselves.

(A productive way to keep them occupied...)

Personalised Gifts For Kids

Browse our range of personalised kids gifts. We have a wide range of photo gifts for kids, that they design themselves with their favourite picture.

Design Your Own Personalised Gifts for Kids

Great gifts made better with photos and your own designs

Stationery and Learning Supplies

It's more exciting when you designed it yourself...

Photo Gifts for Kids

Keep them busy, quiet and productive...

Photograph Their Designs

Get your kids to unleash their creative side by designing their own picture for any one of our great products. They can spend as long as they want 'getting it right' and you can capture their final, best copy on camera. You can easily upload that photo and add words to create a really special gift either for them, a family member, or a friend. Why not use one of our personalised cards to allow them to design and share some news with a loved one? Or add a personal touch to this year's birthday party and use their favourite photo to design their very own birthday card or birthday invitation. Alternatively add a little fun to a rainy day and create a jigsaw puzzle or pairs game with their photo on it, to occupy them again with something new to play with!

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Publish Their Stories

Unleash your budding authors, and publish their best written stories in one of our photo album books, from just £6.00. You can add text to any page of our books, and add photos for pictures. Maybe teddy goes on adventures in and around the home that can be photographed, and written about, or maybe they can be the star of their own story and the adventures can be bigger, and more imaginative.... we'll leave it up to you! We hope you enjoy!

Get started

    ASDA photo Projects for Kids

    Capture and upload your own designs

    Publish your own stories in our photo books

    Design your own games to play with

    Personalise your own learning supplies

    Delivered straight to your door

Create Your Own Personalised Gifts for Kids

Whatever the product, and whoever it is for, inspire your kids to design something really 'print worthy' and watch the glow of pride when they see it come to life on one of our products.

Get them to design their own games with our personalised jigsaw puzzles and pairs game. They can choose from the collage or full photo jigsaws, and have great fun piecing their own design or favourite photo back together. For a really big project, they can design their own matching pieces for the pairs game. With 50 cards in a set, they'll need 25 pictures designed and uploaded ready to be matched on arrival! Great fun!

Alternatively, unleash the author in them, and publish their own story in one of our photo books. They can add text to any page, and their own photos to accompany the words. Then practice their reading when showing it off to whatever willing audience - in person or virtual!

If scrapbooking is their thing, or they're creating their own learning journal, choose from our great range of photo prints to capture and keep their best learning moments, that they're most proud of. It'll be a perfect keepsake to look back on and smile over in weeks, months and years to come.

It's the time and effort put in that makes gifts really special, and that's why our personalised gifts are so popular. So whether it's a special occasion, or they just want to keep in touch and show they care, they can create something that will be guaranteed to draw a smile. They can upload their funniest, cutest, loveliest photo, or design their own image and add it to our mugs, aprons, towels and more to create a truly one of a kind gift.

Inspire some more enthusiasm for 'learning time' with our personalised school supplies. From notebooks and bookmarks, to pencil tins, personalised stickers and bags, we have a range of items that your kids can get creative with, that can also be used for learning and school. Think how much easier it will be to find in the depths of the classroom as well if it's personalised...