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Negative Scanning

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Digital Transfer Shipping Kit

From £39.00

Digital Transfer Shipping Kit

From £39.00

Convert Negatives to Digital

Our negative scanning service helps to preserve your precious family images by scanning your 35mm negatives onto a digital format.

Product Features

*Formats: minimum of 2 negatives on a strip
*Types: 35mm negative (colour, colour ‘reversal Kodachrome’, traditional black and white and C-41 black and white)
*Resolution: 2.000×3.000 px
*File: JPG

Over time negatives and slides are easily damaged due to age and simple wear and tear. Ensure your memories aren’t lost as a result, with our negative scanning service. We will digitally capture your special moments stored on old 35mm negative film strips and save them to DVD or USB so they can be enjoyed time and time again.

Negatives to DVD and USB Pricing

Number of Negatives DVD Cost USB Cost
Up to 49 £39.00 £52.50
50 to 99 £69.00 £82.50
100 to 199 £119.00 £132.50
200 to 499 £245.00 £258.50
500 to 1000 £450.00 £463.50

If you have a collection of old 35mm slides then our slide scanning service can help to get your speical moments caught on slide film transfered across to a digital medium of your choice.